Raabe Klett Oktatási Tanácsadó és Kiadó Kft. (Raabe Klett Hungary)

Raabe Klett Hungary

Raabe Klett Oktatási Tanácsadó és Kiadó Kft. (Raabe Klett Hungary) was founded in 1992 as one of the first subsidiaries of the Klett Group outside of Germany. The company has established itself as a prominent provider of a variety of educational products, focusing on the development of learning materials for school leaders, teachers and students.

Our aim is to continuously support teachers and education leaders through conducting school teacher/principal accredited trainings and conferences, through the development of subscription-based reference books, consultancy in process development and monitoring of school leadership training programmes, and through providing quality assurance and controlling of language courses in the sector of adult education.

We have 24 employees and we work directly with more than 200 external experts in the field of education and training. The company has entered into an excellent strategic relationship with the Hungarian Ministry of Education, as well as with some of the leading European Universities providing educational management courses.

Below is a list of some of our most recent and widely successful products and activities:

  • in 2014 we organized more than 150 accredited teacher training sessions;
  • in the past 12 months, we have developed 6 new accredited teacher training programs;
  • every year we train more than 2,000 teachers and headmasters;
  • in 2008, we founded Raabe College, which offers legal and methodological training for principals in public schools.

Over the years our company has proved to be a leader in the field of continuous training in school education and has established reliable contacts with a number of schools in the country and with most of the regional structures of Ministry of Education and Science. In order to carry out our activities in accordance with the international standards for quality assurance, we have received certification in ISO management system standards EN ISO 9001:2008.

Activities and experience

The mission of Raabe Hungary is to support the development of the system of education. As part of an international group of companies (KLETT) for more than 23 years, the company has successfully cooperated with a variety of organizations in the field of education from all around Europe.

The proof of our success are more than 2,000 trained educational specialists by a pool of specialized trainers, with over 150 topics for training covered. As part of its activities, RAABE organizes school education forums, attended by more than 250 school principals and international experts in the field of education.

Every year, we organise the largest national school start conference for school leaders and teachers in Hungary, which for 5 years now has gathered together hundreds of renowned European and national education stakeholders to exchange ideas and share best practices in school education and leadership.

Raabe Klett Oktatási Tanácsadó és Kiadó Kft.
1116 Budapest, Temesvár u. 20.

  • MSc Szilvia Szaniszló
    • Project and coordination managing for Hungary
  • MSc Magdolna Francz
    • Expert for pre-primary education