Plzeň Božkov Kindergarten and Primary School

Plzeň Božkov Kindergarten and Primary School

The Plzeň Božkov School was founded in 1828 and currently combines a kindergarten, a primary school and school clubs.

The school uses new methods of work in order to provide children with the necessary conditions to become healthy self-confident students who are able to express and justify their opinions, and assume responsibility for themselves and for others. Students are encouraged and supported to work with the Internet to research certain topics under the supervision of their teachers. We work in line with the promotion of healthy lifestyle programmes and we strive to lead children to exercise and sport.

The primary school in the 1st and 2nd grade works in line with the school educational programme “Škola pro všechny” (School for All), and in the 3rd - 5th grade it follows the educational programme “Základní škola” (Primary School). English language is taught at all grades.
The school uses its own standardized tests for evaluation - Kalibro and Scio. Evaluation is carried out according to the school's own evaluation plan, and students are encouraged to self-evaluate their work.

Every year competitions are organized in: poetry reading, art, sport activities, and maths. Each year children create their own calendar with activities. The school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities for pupils within or out of the school.

Activities and experience

The benefits of our schools are mainly the family-like environment we offer. With fewer students in the classroom, mostly around 20, we provide personal attitude towards every single one of them. The structure of the school enables us to work individually with each student, to show understanding for his needs, skills and capabilities. The school applies new methods of work through which it strives to raise adequately confident pupils who are capable of expressing and justifying their opinions, and assume responsibility for themselves or others. They are able to cooperate, search and discover.

Within the current project, we will support the consortium by contributing to the development phase, but we will mainly be responsible for the testing and validation of the GSS output.

Základní škola a mateřská škola Plzeň-Božkov, Plzeň
Vřesinská 17, Plzeň

Czech Republic

  • Mgr. et Bc. Hana Stýblová
    • School Director
    • President of the Czech Association of Primary School Principals
  • Monika Kalašová
    • Kindergarten teacher
  • Mgr. Jiřina Říhová
    • Primary teacher