Nakladatelství Dr. Josef Raabe, s.r.o.

Nakladatelství Dr. Josef Raabe, s.r.o.

Nakladatelství Dr. Josef Raabe, s.r.o. (Dr. Josef Raabe Czech Republic) was established in 1996 and has proved itself as a leading provider of a variety of education products, focusing on the development of learning materials for school leaders, teachers and students.
Our team comprises of 20 experts in the field of education and training, PR and publication development. Our main objective is to be a professional and reliable partner in addressing the specific needs of school principals, teachers and other professionals in the field of education.

Thanks to active collaboration with key stakeholders in the area of education and training,
Dr. Josef Raabe recorded the following successes:

  • more than 400 specialised publications;
  • a network of more than 2,500 experts – authors, editors, lecturers and reviewers;
  • a portfolio of continuous training courses and accredited programs for school principals and teachers.

We work in close cooperation with leading professionals in the field of education, human resources and labour law, in order to make sure that we deliver highly efficient and practice-oriented materials in the field of school management. One of our major successes in the past few years has been the development of a portfolio of training materials for educators. We offer accredited programs for teachers of first and second level of elementary education, as well as for school managers. Also through organising professional conferences and workshops, we facilitate targeted discussions between education leaders and other professionals on top-agenda issues at national and European level.

Activities and experience

In its role as a leading provider of training services and professional and methodological literature for teachers and principals at primary and secondary education level in recent years, Dr. Josef Raabe Czech Republic has become a leader and preferred partner for schools in the Czech Republic.
Every year, our company organizes a large national conference called “Your school” (Vaše škola), which is aimed at issues of school management and at the exchange of information on current legislation, managerial skills for principals, and funding opportunities for schools. In addition, we organize a number of continuous training courses and workshops for kindergarten and primary schools principals and teachers on the following topics: inclusive learning, project management and implementation, the use of ICT in education, innovative teaching methods, etc.

Within the current project, we will act as the coordinating organisation and will be in charge of the overall management and implementation of the GSS project activities. Our extensive experience in international and national project management will ensure that project outputs are delivered on time, within the defined budget and with a very high standard of quality.

Nakladatelství Dr. Josef Raabe, s.r.o.

Radlická 2487/99, Praha
Czech Republic

  • Bc. Tomáš Nechanský
    • Project manager
  • Mgr. Stanislava Andršová
    • Professional content coordination
  • Mgr. František Tomášek
    • Expert for pre-primary and primary education
  • Mgr. Petr Šimek
    • Technical support
  • Helena Bekeová
    • Administration support