Maršovice Kindergarten

Marsovice Kindergarten

The Maršovice Kindergarten was founded in 1945. On 17th February 1952 the kindergarten was moved into the building in which the pre-schools still resides today. Currently the kindergarten is attended by 52 children aged 3 to 6. Since 1st January 2003, the kindergarten acts as a separate legal entity.

The advantage of our kindergarten is the possibility to have small groups of children in a friendly family-like environment and the school’s ideal location for frequent trips into the countryside.

The daily program is flexible and allows inclusion and adaptation to the current situation of the children in the group. We organize our kindergarten in a way to provide enough space in order to stimulate children to play. The games they play become workshops in which the child is taught and allowed to develop self-motivation through games.

After completing an activity, we often include a joint evaluation circle where children meet again in a circle and evaluate the activities that intrigued them the most, with whom they worked well, who helped them or give them advice etc. When sharing experiences, the children pass around a small stone or another small object (only the child holding it is allowed to speak), and thus learn to listen to others. The collective evaluation circle is an important element of self-reflection, and helps develop vocabulary as well as continuous speech.

Activities and experience

Our team develops a number of activities that encourage the children’s motivation for development and love for the crafts using methods based on games. Our school offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for children in order to shape their motivation and encourage their personal development. In the field of environmental education, we also cooperate with other organizations and with their help we organize many nature-related programmes. We also cooperate with the Nevelkov primary school.

In pre-primary education, we focus mainly on pupils' maturity and readiness to commence their primary school studies. We strive to facilitate for them their start in school. With children who have just joined the kindergarten, we focus on their initial adaptation to the new environment.

We are especially particular about quality and open cooperation with parents. We welcome collaboration with other entities or individuals. We strive hard to be an open space for joint and mutual sharing where everyone can feel relaxed and safe.

Mateřská škola Maršovice, okr. Benešov

Maršovice 70, Benešov District

Czech Republic

  • Bc. Miroslava Strakatá
    • Kindergarten director
  • Andrea Křížková, DiS.
    • Kindergarten teacher