Jan Amos Comenius Kindergarten and Primary School

Jan Amos Comenius Kindergarten and Primary School

Jan Amos Comenius is an elementary school and kindergarten (ISCED 1 and 2) founded in Bratislava in 1971. Our school is situated in a beautiful place surrounded by greenery at the foot of the Small Carpathians.

The main goal of the school is to prepare students the real life, which requires them to be able to think critically and creatively, and to quickly and effectively solve problems. In order to do so, the school provides knowledge and skills in all general-education subjects. In particular, we focus on increasing knowledge in the field of history, geography, population, natural features, folk customs, institutions and major sights. The aims of the school are based on and are prepared in line with the fundamental principles of the highly effective method of learning called integrated thematic teaching (ITV).

Our main objectives are to:

  • prepare open-minded pupils, who are able to work in a team and who are motivated for lifelong learning;
  • improve ICT literacy, and the pupils’ competences in a foreign language;
  • increase parents’ participation so that students become hardworking, responsible and prepared for further education.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the school creates a pleasant environment in classes, especially in order to encourage the pupils’ self-knowledge and self-assessment. Strong emphasis is also put on mutual communication and respect.

In January 1978, our school started offering pedagogical and psychological counselling, and since January 2004 it has applied different methods for educational and psychological prevention.

Activities and experience

The learning process takes place in laboratories and in an Internet-based environment. The acquired knowledge, skills and physical activity are applied by pupils by means of engaging in knowledge and sports competitions. As part of the learning process, we carry out various professional discussions, meetings, cultural events, trips, excursions, ski trips and other activities.

Within the current project, we will contribute to the overall development and testing of the GSS toolkit at national level and also we will also disseminate project results.

ZŠ s MŠ Jána Amosa Komenského, Bratislava

Hubeného 25, 831 53 Bratislava

  • Mgr. Tatiana Kizivatová
    • School director
  • Andrea Konečná
    • Kindergarten teacher, Deputy Director for kindergarten
  • Mgr. Monika Repiská
    • Primary teacher