Čtyřlístek Kindergarten

Čtyřlístek Kindergarten

"Čtyřlístek", Římská 27 is a pre-primary education institution founded in 1960. Our kindergarten is a family-type institution, focused on working closely with the family, physical activity, aesthetic education (art, music, and ceramics), and on leading children to a healthy lifestyle. The kindergarten is equipped with individual computers and an interactive whiteboard to work with children and it has created its own programme based on personality-oriented model of pre-school education called “A Journey through Time”. We have 3 classes with a total capacity of 65 children. Each class is composed of around 24 children.

The main scope of our activities comprises:

  • school trips in nature (winter stay in the mountains with ski training);
  • monthly visits to the theatre, all-day and half-day trips;
  • excursions;
  • organization of different celebrations associated with popular festivities;
  • games for parents with children in kindergarten, autumn and spring garden party for parents and children with barbecue and other activities according to the school program and the current offer.

Activities and experience

The kindergarten develops a number of activities to foster in children a love for crafts:

  • ceramic and working activity: creative modelling helps develop fine motoric skills, patience, and independence, encourages imagination, and increases self-confidence. Children will learn various techniques of modelling and surface treatment of ceramic products;
  • clever hands: the aim of the activity is to familiarize children with different techniques of working with different kinds of material. Children have the opportunity to try out a number of techniques that develop their kinetic and visual skills;
  • entertainment music programme for children that combines exercise of intonation and rhythm with the most basic elements of music theory. Through play, children learn about the world of music, learn traditional as well as new songs and rhymes. They also get the chance to try out playing different musical instruments (sounding sticks, drums, drumbens, and the xylophone).

Within the GSS project, we will participate on the development phase of the project output, but mostly we will be in charge of testing and the validation of the GSS toolkit, through engaging our own teachers, parents and children to provide feedback on the project results. We will also serve as disseminators of project outcomes - once the project is completed, we will ensure that our teachers, who will have become trainers, provide guidance to their peers from fellow institutions in the area of ECEC and on how to apply the GSS toolkit.

Mateřská škola „Čtyřlístek“, Praha 2
Římská 27, Praha

Czech Republic

  • PhDr. Dana Moravcová, Ph.D.
    • Kindergarten director
    • National President of OMEP Czech National Committee
  • Dana Beritová
    • Kindergarten teacher