You are about to read the fifth newsletter of the Good Start to School (GSS) project, which is coordinated by the Nakladatelství Dr. Josef Raabe s.r.o. publishing house. It is an international European project Erasmus+, which falls under Key Action 2 (KA2), with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary as participating countries. Our partners include the branches of the Raabe publishing house in Hungary and in Slovakia, Masaryk University in Brno, Kindergarten Maršovice, Kindergarten Čtyřlístek in Prague, Kindergarten and Elementary School Plzeň Božkov, Kindergarten and Elementary School of Jan Amos Comenius in Bratislava, and Kindergarten Fasori Kicsinyek in Budapest.

What is new with us?

Thanks to the hard work put in by all our partner organizations, we achieved great progress in the development of the GSS project outputs, which help the social-emotional development of the child in kindergarten for the entire duration of the child’s attendance at kindergarten, and enable better communication between the kindergarten and parents. All outputs are now available to the kindergartens in our partner countries, who are working very hard at testing them.

Third version of project outputs now available

During the summer months, we completed the third version of the project outputs. All publication got their final graphic design. They are attractive, easy-to-navigate, contain a lot of visuals, and they are specifically tailored to be user friendly especially for kindergarten teachers, and parents. In September, we printed our publications, and the different language versions were delivered to our partner kindergartens, so that teachers could start working with them straight away.  Numerous other copies were delivered to our partner organizations, as well as to a number of people interested in the project.

What has changed about out outputs?

The evaluation and diagnostic tool PREDICT got a brand-new look – it is now more practical, and it allows enough space for recording information about the child for the entire duration of his/her attendance at kindergarten.

METHODOLOGY FOR TEACHERS shows how to use PREDICT in its printed, as well as electronic form, brings more information regarding diagnostic methods in kindergarten, including practical examples in the form of annexes, and visual materials.

GUIDEBOOK FOR PARENTS in a clear and understandable fashion presents to parents who kindergarten teachers work with children on their social-emotional development using the PREDICT tool, and how important good communication between the kindergarten and parents can be for the development of the child.

Who works with the gss project outputs?

Partner kindergartens

The new versions of our project outputs first got into the hands of the teachers at our partner kindergartens in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The testing stage will run until the beginning of December 2017. Testing includes children of all age groups. Teachers have the chance to evaluate progress in the execution of the project outputs, and present their findings at the international project meeting that will be held in early December.

Other kindergartens are helping as well

The third version of the project outputs have been distributed also to other kindergartens. Currently, the PREDICT tool, the Methodology for Teachers, and the Guidebook for Parents are available to more than 380 other kindergartens, a number of which expressed interest in being introduced to the GS project outputs. We look forward to the feedback they will provide. The comments that we receive from the kindergartens will be taken into account when creating the final version of the outputs. We are very grateful for the interest on the part of these kindergartens in the outputs of the GSS project, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them.

And we keep talking about the GSS project

We have things to boast of, which is why we keep informing the public with an interest in pre-school education about the outputs of the project and their use. Where could one have heard of our project?

  • At professional seminars in all partner countries organized for kindergarten teachers and directors.
  • In connection with other projects in which kindergartens from out partner countries have been involved.
  • At Škôlkar education seminars, which have been attended by a total of 300 kindergarten teachers and directors in ten towns in Slovakia
  • At the celebration of the 25 years’ anniversary of the Hungarian branch of the Josef Raabe publishing house, where the GSS project outputs were presented to more than 400 teachers and school directors, experts on education, as well as strategic partners
  • The GSS projects and its outputs are promoted also during the publication activity of the teachers and directors of our partner kindergartens.

What is ahead of us?

In December, all our partners will meet at the last international project meeting in Prague. The objective of the meeting will be mainly to evaluate the last stage of the testing of the GSS project outputs, to approve possible changes in the last version of the project outputs, and to come up with a strategy for the communication of information about the GSS project. Another important item of the agenda is the planning of three international conferences in all of our partner countries. At these conferences, the GSS project and its outputs will be presented to the general teaching public, as well as expert on the area of pre-school education.

Where can you reach us?

The Good Start to School project is presented through the following channels:

Follow our outputs, support our authors and give us feedback on how successful we are in reaching our objectives!

We wish you all a pleasant autumn! 

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