Outputs of the Project

GSS project aim:

  • increasing the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care Services in Central and Eastern European countries;
  • providing our children with the best start for the world of tomorrow through facilitating the transition of young children between family and education/care, and between levels of education;
  • ensuring quality assurance: designing coherent, well-coordinated pedagogical frameworks, involving key stakeholders,

GSS project objective:

  • to design, develop, test and validate an innovative toolkit for evaluation of critical learning & development areas of children in preschool education level, which involves active communication between teachers and parents;
  • to train teachers how to apply the GSS toolkit and provide positive feedback to parents with regard to children’s attainment level and areas for further development.
  • to inform and guide parents on what they need to do in order to support their child during educational process and especially in transition between different levels.
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